Are You Listening To Your Customers?

Are You Listening To Your Customers?

It’s not about what you think is cool, it’s about what your customer thinks is cool. That’s what business is.

It’s articulating the fact that you know and understand your customer’s pain points. What keeps them up at night. What holds them back from moving forward.

Your job as a business owner is to articulate why your customer needs to choose you over your competition. Why you are the best solution to whatever situation they’re facing.
It doesn’t matter if your business is B to B, or B to C. All business is H to H (Human to Human). Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, the questions we have to ask ourselves is always the same.

Does my marketing matter to my customers? Does my sales team articulate the benefit well enough to close the deal?
Or should we forget about gaining our customer’s trust in the beginning and go straight for the sale?

So I pass the question off to you, are you listening to your customers? Do your sales and marketing efforts focus on serving the customer?
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